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Product Lines

Coton San Gold Line

Cotone idrofilo COTTON SAN

The raw material is carefully selected and prepared for the production of hydrophilic cotton, packaged for wholesalers, large and small distribution, health facilities, pharmacies, perfumeries, etc.

Baby Cotton Line

Baby cotton

Made of pure hydrophilic cotton, they are delicate and ideal for the care and cleaning of baby’s skin.

Cotton Swab Line

Cotton fioc

This cotton buds are made to satisfy every need and to facilitate the smallest daily gestures. They are made with biodegradable and non-toxic raw materials.

Makeup Remover Line

Batuffoli cotonati

Made of pure hydrophilic cotton, they are delicate on the skin and ideal for the care and cleansing of the face.

Professional Line


These products are suitable for professional use and, whatever your business is, our products will serve you best.